Articulated Dump Trucks for Hire

We provide articulated dump truck hire across Australia from our headquarters in Queensland to commercial and civil projects of one month or more. Our tippers include all the necessary features suitable for up to Tier 1 project applications.

Our Bell B25E Articulated Dump Trucks

As part of the E-series, the Bell25E offers a hotly anticipated range of features incorporating the latest in articulated dump truck design and technology from a company setting industry standards and leading articulated dump truck innovations for over a decade.


-    Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
-    Inter-axle Differential Lock (IDL)
-    Bin Tip Prevention
-   Automatic Traction Control (ATC)


-    Rated Payload: 24,000kg
-    Gross Vehicle Weight: 42,763kg
-    Dump Body Volume: 15m³

-    Net Power: 201kW

-    Fuel Capacity: 379L

-    Dumping System Raise Time: 14.5 Seconds

-    Dumping System Lowering Time: 7.5 Seconds

-    Maximum Tipping Angle: 70 Degrees

-    Maximum Break Force: 184kN

-    Steering Angle: 45 Degrees

-    Mine Applications
-    Quarry Applications
-    Bulk Earthworks Application

-    Tipping in Rainy Conditions

-    High Travel Speeds

-    Operator Comfort

-    Fuel Savings

-    Traction Control

Best For

Truck Is Dumping Soil Construction
Car Garbage Truck in the Parking Lot
Excavator and Heavy Mining Dump Trucks

Dry Hire Bell Articulated Dump Trucks to Commercial and Civil Projects Across Australia.

Our Bell 40E Articulated Dump Trucks

After spending five years developing the E-series, Bell improved the 40D articulated dump truck with a range of product innovations that led to the 40E costing 10% less per tonne in fuel, among other improvements.


-    Automatic Traction Control (ATC)
-    Keyless Start
-    Hill Assist
-    Bin Tip Prevention
-    Hill Descent Control
-    Auto Park Application (APA)
-   Turbo Spin Protection
-   On-Board Weighing (OBW)
-   Automatic Brake Retardation
-   Electronic Common Rail Fuel System
-   High-Flotation Tyres 
-  Planetary Powershift Transmission
-  High-Travel Suspension


-    Rated Payload: 39,000kg
-    Power to Weight Ratio: 5.37kw/Tonne
-    Dimensions (Lxwxh): 11.2mx3.7mx3.8m

-    Dump Body Volume: 24.5m³

-    Travel Speed: 51km/H

-    Net Power: 359kw

-    Fuel Capacity: 533L

-    Maximum Service Brake Force: 305kN

-    Maximum Park and Emergency Brake Force: 218kN

-    Dumping System Raise Time: 11 Seconds

-  Dumping System Lowering Time: 6 Seconds

-  Maximum Tipping Angle: 70 Degrees

Best For

-    Quarry Applications
-    Low Daily Operation Costs
-    Tipping on Muddy, Rutted, and Hilly Terrain

-    Tipping on Steep Terrain

-    Cold-Starting

-    Low Emission Operation

Heavy Machinery in Quarry
Pipeline Plant Hire Pipeline Contractor
Large Quarry Dump Truck Loaded With Rock

Our Other Earthmoving Equipment

We offer a range of plant and equipment suitable for major earthworks and pipeline construction projects across Australia. Our range of plant for dry hire includes:

  • Excavators
  • Dump Trucks
  • Graders
  • Loaders
  • Backhoes
  • Padders
  • Telehandlers
Earthmoving Equipment

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